Salford CCG Digital Health Innovation Call

Calling all digital health innovators  

Telecare, mobile apps, connected self-management tools. These are all types of digital health technologies that can be used to improve the lives of patients and NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS Salford CCG) has a fund of £450,000 to evaluate them in the local community.

The Digital Health Innovation Call is open for applications now. Applications must be submitted by no later than 5pm on 29th September 2017.

The Digital Health Innovation Call will look to fund the testing of innovative digital products, services and clinical practices that aim to improve the experience and outcomes of patients in the Salford community. Applications will need to be able to demonstrate an ability to contribute towards the priorities of one or more of the organisations strategy group’s priorities:

Engagement & Experience

  • Respond to Needs Assessments undertaken through the city’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment programme (click here for details) i.e. reducing health inequalities.Maximise innovation in assessment and care planning, particularly across health and social care, including for personal health budgets.
  • Use technology and new approaches to obtain patient feedback on existing services and new plans (including patient experience).
  • Proactively respond to low level need in order to sustain people’s independence.
  • Motivate behaviour change in our local population to live healthier lifestyles, increase self-care and support others in our local communities.

Medicines Optimisation

  • Improving medicines safety
  • Improving patients getting better outcomes from their medicines
  • Reducing medicines waste
  • Improving medicines reconciliation at transfers of care
  • Reducing harms from medicines
  • Improving antibiotic stewardship
  • Reducing inappropriate antibiotic use
  • Improving medicine use in care homes

Integrated Community Based Care

  • Self-care / Self-management – including supporting patients / patient groups
  • Early detection of disease i.e. cancer or early detection of exacerbation of LTC
  • Improving measurement of patient outcomes
  • Moving care closer to home i.e. avoid admissions/point of care testing

Children’s and Young People

  • Mental health / emotional health and wellbeing
  • Special educational needs & disability (SEND)
  • Early intervention and prevention across issues for children and young people, with particular focus on family and parent support services as part of work with CYP

Urgent & Emergency Care

  •  Technological solutions to help patients self-manage / manage at home /avoid hospital attendance or admission i.e. telehealth solutions, health coaching, home testing kits etc.
  • Support to ensure patients appropriately access the right urgent care services for the right care i.e. targeted communication / education / feedback on appropriate use of urgent care system, the use of apps / social media advertising etc.
  • Pathways or interventions that prevent A&E attendance or prevent ambulance conveyance or avoid admission.

Mental Health

  • Asylum Seekers – Initiatives which serve to support asylum seekers with mental health problems, focusing on non-clinical support. This should be focused around advice and practical help, signposting and support to facilitate links to relevant support agencies. It is crucial that any scheme links up closely with the local specialist mental health service for asylum seekers to achieve co-working.
  • Post-incident support for young people – We are keen to hear ideas about how emotional/psychological support can be provided to young people (children and young adults, up to the age of 25 years) following major traumatic incidents which have significant population impact. It will be crucial to describe links to other relevant support services.
  • Men’s Mental Health – The CCG and Council have previously supported initiatives which aim to promote positive mental health in men, via mediums such as sport. We would like to support additional appropriate initiatives along these same lines, de-stigmatising mental health issues and engaging local men via creative routes.

The call is open to companies, NHS organisations, voluntary organisations, universities and independent innovators, who are invited to apply for awards of up to £125,000 by initially submitting their pre-registration application online using the link below:

Click here

The application is a 2 stage process; stage one is the pre-registration process where you will be asked qualifying questions which if successful will progress to stage two where a full application will be required.

Delivered in partnership with TRUSTECH, the North West NHS Innovation Service, the Digital Health Innovation Call looks to identify solutions that demonstrate a potential return on investment as well as an impact on the Salford Locality Plan.   Successful projects, which will need to be delivered with a 12-month timescale starting in 2017, will help NHS Salford CCG to:

  • Enable Primary and Community Care to become part of the safest health economy;
  • Improve the interface between Primary and Secondary care; or
  • Align to strategy group innovation priorities.

The Digital Health Innovation Call is open for applications now. Applicants must be submitted by no later than 5pm on 29th September 2017.

Selected applicants will be invited to compete for the opportunity to work with NHS Salford CCG to implement their project. This will involve attending a marketplace event on 9th November 2017 where they will be required to demonstrate their innovations to NHS Salford CCG staff and patients, as well as the concluding step in the application process, which will see the final few applicants pitch to a panel of experts on 13th or 15th December 2017.

Subject to due diligence, those that are successful will be notified in January 2018 and will be matched to a suitable community healthcare service to begin mapping out the evaluation.

Salford CCG reserves the right to close the call earlier than this date if the number of applications reaches the target number of 60 applications, therefore please ensure that bids are submitted ASAP.

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