Sky Medical Technology awarded Healthcare Project of the Year prize

A partnership between a company and an NHS university hospital has been awarded the prestigious Bionow Healthcare Project of the Year Award for the development of a clinical proposition that reduces pre-operative oedema, thus offering significant benefits to healthcare providers

Sky Medical Technology and South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have been working in partnership to profile the benefits of gekoTM, which utilises OnPulse TM neuromuscular electro-stimulation technology.

The device stimulates the peroneal nerve at the side of the knee, that in turn activates the calf and foot muscles to return blood towards the heart, mimicking processes normally achieved by walking but without the patient needing to move or exert themselves. In addition to the blood flow benefits, the device has also been shown to reduce post-operative swelling.

With regards to ankle fractures, this partnership has demonstrated that the device offers an important value proposition for the NHS as swelling means that surgery often must be delayed. This has a knock-on effect of blocking hospital beds as surgeons must wait for the swelling to reduce before an operation, which can then lead to increased waiting lists.

As long-term sponsors of the Bionow Healthcare Project of the Year Award, TRUSTECH have been involved in selection process in this category for several years. TRUSTECH’s Technology Director, Dr Richard Deed, oversees a range of initiatives that offer improvements for the NHS. He was at the awards ceremony and offered his thoughts on the Sky Medical Technology solution:

“geko is a great product that offers real benefit for both patients and NHS organisations. The Bionow Awards are a long-running celebration of Life Sciences and Sky Medical Technologies fitted the bill for this year’s Healthcare Project of the Year Award. As usual, there were some very good contenders, but this company offered the most significant improvements to patient care and health service providers.

“The geko technology clearly demonstrates the value of clinical and health economics data when talking with NHS procurement teams, which has directly led to rapid adoption by NHS organisations.”

Andrew Thelwell, Chief Commercial Officer at Sky Medical Technology, said:

“We are delighted that this project has been recognised by both Bionow and TRUSTECH as being an excellent example of collaboration and partnership between industry and the NHS. There was an equal commitment from both parties involved in putting improved patient care at the centre of the work, but we were clear that we needed to gather data exploring both the clinical and economic aspects of the use of our device in the ankle fracture pathway.

“As a result of this work, the new pathway incorporating the geko device has already been adopted in a number of NHS hospitals and has also started to change practice internationally. We fully acknowledge the importance of the Trauma team’s commitment at The James Cook University Hospital in the recognition that this project has been give.”

Northern Health Science Alliance and Northwest EHealth were runners-up in the Award category, which highlighted both the Connected Health Cities and ConneXon solutions.

Connected Health Cities aims to explore and understand how health data can be used to optimise health services for patients.

ConneXon integrates patient health records across primary care, secondary care, pharmacy and other data sources to more effectively monitor patient safety and feed into clinical trial systems and processes for analysis.

For more information on the Sky Medical Technology solution , visit:

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