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TRUSTECH offers expert advisory and assessment services to commercial and public sector partners to evaluate the need and impact of healthcare innovations. TRUSTECH has a wealth of experience in project managing programmes and providing consultancy for the Department of Health, local Academic Health Science Networks, the National Innovation Centre, Strategic Health Authority, Clinical Research Networks, and the Commission for New Economy.

Listed here are some examples of these programmes and links to further information:


Smart Solutions for HCAI

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In 2008 the Department of Health contracted TRUSTECH to set up and manage a programme which aimed to identify products to combat Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) such as MRSA and C. difficile. Non-healthcare industries were targeted during the marketing campaign as the intention for the programme was to discover technologies which were already in use and readily available that could be transferred into a healthcare setting. A total of 9 products were selected from 250 applications by a panel of experts. TRUSTECH identified suitable clinical settings and principal investigators from across the UK for an evaluation study of each of the selected products. Further details of the programme and results of the evaluations can be found by visiting the Smart Solutions for HCAI website:


Smart Solutions for Healthcare

Copy of Cardiovascular DiseaseThe Smart Solutions for Healthcare programme is delivered by TRUSTECH supported by NHS North West, National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA), and the Manchester Innovation Investment Fund Partnership.

Similar to the Smart Solutions for HCAI programme, Smart Solutions for Healthcare called for innovations across a multitude of industries to find new ways to combat the healthcare priority areas of cardiovascular disease and long term conditions. Applications were received from the UK and Ireland, Germany, Canada, the USA, Israel and India.



Technology Scorecard Assessments

The NHS National Innovation Centre (NIC) utilised TRUSTECH’s wealth of skill and experience in assessing innovations and technologies to look at ideas submitted to their Scorecard programme. Ideas submitted for assessment via an online portal were assessed by TRUSTECH to provide feedback on the pre-commercial development requirements.



High Impact Innovations Programme

TRUSTECH acted as an external assessor for The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement on behalf of The Department of Health’s High Impact Innovations Programme. The programme was designed to compliment the ‘Innovation, Health and Wealth: Accelerating adoption and diffusion in the NHS’ report which was published in 2011.



indexOn behalf of NHS North West (the North West Strategic Health Authority), TRUSTECH operationally managed the North West Regional Innovation Fund to help the NHS work towards encouraging quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP). The fund was branded as InnovateNoW and TRUSTECH developed the website, managed the application and judging processes, and monitored successful projects. Between 2009 and 2010 four rounds of funding awarded nearly £2.4 million to 80 NHS organisations and partnerships based in the region.


NIHR Greater Manchester (GM) CLRN – Medtech Pilot Project

This project included the design and operation of a support interface for industry to optimise Medtech projects for NIHR adoption. Over the course of the 12 month project, 23 new studies/companies were assessed, of which: 2 studies were submitted to the NIHR feasibility process; 4 studies were in active development; and 6 were already being piloted with potential future studies in the pipeline.


NIHR Cheshire and Merseyside CLRN – Industry Scoping Project

In 2011, TRUSTECH undertook a scoping project with Cheshire and Merseyside (C&M) CLRN to look at industry clinical trial numbers and capacity in C&M. The project included surveys of industry and NHS with regard to non-adoption rationale and awareness of NIHR structure. Overall the average level of commercial clinical trial activity in C&M region NHS Trusts was 22% with 52%  of these commercial trials being adopted into the NIHR portfolio. This data was presented at the first C&MCLRN board meeting of 2012 in order to encourage NHS Trust R&D departments to register non-adopted commercial work to increase the levels of adoption.


North West Coast & Greater Manchester Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN)

In preparation for the formal launch of AHSNs in April 2013, TRUSTECH has been actively in support of both of these critical regional groups by provision of data and guidance on policy. For the NWC AHSN in particular, TRUSTECH was commissioned to investigate and report on the intellectual property (IP) management landscape and strengths around industry collaboration in the NWC AHSN footprint.