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Innovation Factor® at LHCH


Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has adopted Innovation Factor (IF) to help change the way innovation is approached within the organisation.


By using our service, the Trust can engage directly with staff and encourage conversations about innovations and service improvement, enabling staff to feel valued and empowered.

The first submission to IF from a member of staff from the Trust was just 8 days following launch.

How TRUSTECH helped

  • Work closely with the appointed internal brand ambassador who networks with staff to promote the service.
  • Engaged with the Trust's Marketing and Communications Team; attended events, produced posters, leaflets, copy and video content.
  • An IF button also takes a prominent place on the LHCH intranet homepage.
  • Feedback from an internal survey informed that over half of all staff are now aware of IF and the other services offered by TRUSTECH to the Trust.


  • Innovative

    We believe that everyone can improve the NHS through innovation.

  • Dedicated

    We are driven to improve the NHS in everything we do.

  • Exceptional

    We provide exemplar services to help our customers achieve their goals.

  • Adaptable

    We are a highly skilled, flexible team that thrives on a challenge.