The Internet of Things (IoT) uses sensors and other electronics to connect physical devices, such as vehicles or home appliances, to each other.

IoT enables these devices to communicate or exchange data with each other, enabling them to operate more efficiently without the need for human interaction.

CityVerve is an IoT demonstrator project taking place in Manchester.


Operating across a number of themes, including Health and Social Care, CityVerve aims to use technology to meet the complex needs of local communities.

Funded by a £15 million grant from Innovate UK, CityVerve is
delivered by twenty partners covering the commercial, public
and academic sectors. As some of the partners, TRUSTECH is
working closely with the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and the Manchester City Council to develop and deliver the Health and Social Care theme.


How TRUSTECH helped

Developed the original use cases for Health and Social Care theme

Created implementation, collaboration and operational structure plans

Established a second-level project plan covering project initiation

Recruited project managers to oversee delivery of projects and effective capture of data

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