Drug Allergy App


Approximately 500,000 patients that are admitted to hospital each year have some form of drug allergy. There can be serious medical consequences for patients, including fatality, if their allergies are not taken into consideration during treatment.

Prescribing drugs to patients with an established allergy is a major cause of medical litigation. According to NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence), £17 million is lost by the NHS annually due to avoidable medical safety incidents related to drug allergies, not including litigation costs. Patients with drug allergies also tend to have longer inpatient hospital stays; upwards of 10%.


To help solve this problem, Dr. Giorgio Calisti and Dr. Shuayb Elkhalifa created an app which can be used to more accurately record and manage drug allergies.

Dr Shuayb and Dr Elkhalifa used Innovation Factor
to get advice on how to protect the intellectual property (IP)
associated with their app.

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How TRUSTECH helped

Recommended and supported the development of a new brand

Provided a list of next step actions, including applying for a CE mark and help with questions on regulation, validation and dissemination


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