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We help you assess and validate your value proposition against clinical needs and commissioning requirements. 

We help you inform your business case by identifying stakeholders and system drivers and mapping to care pathways.

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We can help you develop your understanding of early-stage finance opportunities, medical device regulations, NHS policy or procurement processes.

We can help you develop appropriate sales and marketing strategies for the healthcare environment.

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We can help you increase capacity, resource and expertise to design, manage and deliver programmes on time and within budget. 

You can utilise our insight and experience to design exemplar healthcare-oriented programmes.


We improve health and social care through innovation.

We collaborate to design and deliver the future of health and social care.

We provide healthcare innovation consultancy to industry, the public sector and academia.

We capture, develop and introduce new technologies and solutions that will improve citizen and patient care and increase system efficiency.

We work with independent innovators, SMEs and large organisations on health-oriented projects and bringing innovation into the NHS and other healthcare systems.



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We help the NHS and AHSNs to deliver innovation and transformation projects, including capture, development and adoption support.


We support independent entrepreneurs and SMEs in innovation delivery in the health sphere, including market intelligence, establishing the right relationships and understanding the NHS landscape.

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We partner with government and local authorities to support large scale health sector engagement and innovation. 

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Academic organisations are often a key partner in health innovation initiatives. We help these organisations broker successful agreements to smooth the pathway to successful product or service innovation.

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We support corporate organisations in establishing partnerships to work on healthcare innovation projects and roll-outs of new products and services.


companies assisted in working with the NHS


novel products delivered for the healthcare market


NHS spin-outs successfully established





For any enquiries or questions, please call: 0161 519 9290 or fill out the following form. 

If you are an NHS member of staff and want to speak to a member of the MFT Innovation Team please contact them via ruth.hale@mft.nhs.uk

Staff, formerly part of TRUSTECH, are now providing support as part of the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) Innovation Team, which comprises:

Richard Deed; Ruth Hale; Jo Thomas; James Corden; Alexis Ward; Elaine Chesworth; Kay Faulkner; Carl Peachey; Paul Hanmer; Adrian Warner.

Head Office

Citylabs 1.0 Nelson Street

Manchester, M13 9NQ



Tel: 0161 519 9290

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