Meet the Experts


Companies developing products or solutions to meet the needs and demands of NHS organisations and their patients often struggle to develop business models that will help them to succeed in their talks with NHS buyers and commissioners.


Meet the Experts was a series of workshops and events, developed and delivered by TRUSTECH, for the Innovation Agency (formerly North West Coast Academic Health Science Network) to help companies develop value propositions that
will help them achieve their business goals.


The workshops provided companies from around the region with access to NHS expertise so that they could attain a better understanding of NHS needs, language and practice. Alongside this, business development experts provided assistance to
enhance business models and map out key objectives.


How TRUSTECH helped

Enabled companies to develop their understanding of early-stage finance opportunities, medical device regulations, NHS policy and procurement processes.

Companies also received business coaching and mentorship, which helped them to develop appropriate sales and marketing strategies.

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