TRUSTECH Smart Healthcare Ventures Limited operated as the commercial arm of the NHS TRUSTECH service until



The original TRUSTECH idea was established in the North West in 2001 as the NHS Innovation Experts by the Department of Health as part of a national network of NHS Innovation Hubs, hosted by the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. The objective was to help improve healthcare through identification, development and implementation of new innovations or methods of care across Trusts in the UK.

The range of services and partners expanded, assisting all healthcare innovators, including individuals, companies, the public sector and universities to introduce innovative solutions to the NHS.

Over the years, the combined TRUSTECH team helped more than 400 companies establish relationships with the NHS, established 6 spin-out companies and delivered over 20 novel products into the healthcare market, working with individual innovators from the NHS as well as industry.

Now, TRUSTECH – Healthcare Innovation is embarking on the next stage of its development as it moves to be a fully independent entity, driven by one, clear vision: to see health and social outcomes improving every day.

This means we want to reimagine the healthcare impact and social outcomes of the future through innovation and collaborations with partners from the private, public and third sectors.


We intend to achieve our mission of supporting innovation and development of the next generation of health and social care by doing what we have always done: help innovators deliver a vision matched to the needs of health and social care systems. Where appropriate, we will introduce partners to help deliver the innovations and optimise the approach for adoption by healthcare systems at scale.


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