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Challenges Navigating Procurement in the NHS

One of the crucial aspects of an SME’s need for help and assistance is the challenge in navigating NHS Procurement procedures.

Nick Allen is the Industry Procurement Adviser at TRUSTECH and has a wealth of experience in navigating the NHS procurement procedures and has worked with numerous SMEs to improve their readiness for commissioning by the NHS.

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply, Nick Allen has worked in the NHS in various Trusts around the country as Head of Procurement and management consultant to both Directors of Finance and Procurement Heads in tackling the CIP challenges (Cost Improvement Programme) which the government set at around £4Billion per annum.

Whilst Trust procurement teams have leaned heavily on existing NHS Suppliers to remove cost from existing supply chains, it is evident that much of the cost savings in future will be around innovation, doing things differently, new pathways, products, devices and services. This includes digital technologies around Apps, AI, VR Systems and Platforms to name a few.

With our team of clinical experts and network routes, which align to Procurement Hubs and the Eleven Towers of Supply (the Future Operating Model known as the FOM) TRUSTECH is well placed to assist, advise and guide you through the procurement process to potential adoption. This could be from accessing and becoming a Framework supplier, responding to Tenders or introductions via an NHS Trust itself.

To find out how we can help you, reach out to us at innovations@trustech.org.uk or nick.allen@trustech.org.uk