Across the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN) in England there are a number of programmes available to support companies to develop products and services for the health and care sector.

However, there remains a wide range of individuals and businesses, inlcuding NHS employees, that are motivated by delivering social good; focused on developing innovations for altruistic reasons rather than personal or share holder financial gain.

They require bespoke, tailored support to enable them to provide value to the community, yet the only support that is available to them is often provided through established business focused programmes.

TRUSTECH is equipped and experienced in delivering social enterprise support activity, which can be delivered through a structure appropriate to your AHSN.

How TRUSTECH can help

Our services complement existing programmes delivered by AHSNs and can provide measureable outcomes that can contribute towards delivery of Office of Life Sciences (OLS) activity.

  • We provide specialist health social enterprise support to NHS organisations and universities that are looking to establish Community Interest Companies (CICs) within your locality.

  • We mitigate financial risk by leveraging grant support for the set-up and development of social enterprise structures.

  • We complement existing company support activity with expert support for social entrepreneurs and social enterprises.

  • We provide tailored support to spin-outs and start-ups motivated by patient benefit rather than commercial business models.

  • We can introduce you to social enterprises operating in other regions to complement the delivery of your other programmes.

  • We can secure leveraged funding opportunities for existing social enterprises.

  • We provide training and education programmes to share best practice and inform AHSN partner organisations about opportunities for health social enterprise.

  • We provide professional training to enable AHSN staff to become health social enterprise advisors.

Health Social Enterprise services

Start-up and Growth

We help individuals and organisations that want to establish Health Social Enterprises or are at a stage where they need to grow.

Accounting for Social Value

We enable organisations to develop social value commissioning frameworks and calculate return on investment for stakeholders.

Spin-out Services

We provide support to enable individuals and organisations to transition out of their host body into a Social Enterprise structure.

Training and Educations

We help share good practice, providing new knowledge, support and pathways for the development of Health Social Enterprise.

Who we are

Since 2001, TRUSTECH has been providing innovation services to the NHS with a clear objective to improve healthcare through the identification, development and implementation of new technologies and services.

In 2018, we welcomed Nicola Dickins to the TRUSTECH team to develop and deliver a new set of services for Health Social Enterprises. Nicola brought with her more than 20 years experience of providing social and ethical business support to enable organisations to develop and grow their financial and social value in order to achieve long term stability.


Nicola has helped to establish over 200 Community Interest Companies and secured over £165m funding for clients.

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