Surgical medtech co-operative – funding competition 2019/20


The NIHR Surgical MedTech Co-operative, in collaboration with the Research England funded Grow MedTech programme, is inviting industry, researchers and clinicians working in colorectal, HPB and vascular surgery to apply for pump-prime or clinical session funding.

Funding is available to:

  • support the development of new concepts,
  • demonstration of proof of principle,
  • expedite translation of research to the clinic, and
  • devise new research protocols for new medical devices, healthcare technologies or technology-dependent interventions for surgical technologies.

The funding competition is split into two parts:

  • a strategic call that is focused on future unmet needs, and
  • a reactive call that is focused on the immediate needs in surgery.

1. Future Unmet Needs Call for 2019/20

This call comprises two themes:

  • a technology driven theme which should attract industry and/or academic-led applications; and
  • a clinically driven theme which should attract clinically-led applications.


  • All applications must have a collaborator.
  • Industry-led applications must include matched funding which can be financial or in-kind support.
  • Successful applicants will work in conjunction with the NIHR Surgical MIC and its extensive network in order to successfully prototype and/or validate their idea(s) (i.e. show proof of concept/principle.

1a. Technology Driven Theme – Convergence of Technologies

This theme aims to explore the tools and technologies headed for surgery in the next 3-5 years, and the unmet needs they bring. There is value in shaping these needs early and identifying the economic case for development, especially for those that promise the greatest level of disruption.

Up to £10k will be awarded to further develop ideas and solutions. The call is particularly interested in applications for HPB and vascular technologies.

1b. Clinically Driven Theme – The Future of Surgery

This theme aims to explore and identify the innovations that will most likely affect surgical treatment and the delivery of surgical care. Applicants will need to consider the demographic changes, the burden of disease and how the delivery of clinical care is changing.

Up to £10k will be awarded to further develop ideas and solutions in the following areas:

  • Patients and their choice of treatment.
  • The training and role of future surgeons.
  • The development of new non-surgical interventions.
  • The emergence of new care models.
  • Patient safety and clinical outcomes.
  • Pathology in surgery.

Clinical applicants can request pump-prime funding or clinical session time.

The number of projects funded and the allocation of funding will be dependent upon the number of high-quality applications received.

Projects must use allocated by 31 March 2020.

Call closes midnight Tuesday 30th April 2019.

For more information, please read the competition brochure.

Application form.

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