To see health and social outcomes improving every day.

At TRUSTECH, we challenge the current healthcare and social practices, to do things better. We want to see people innovate and introduce new ideas to hospitals. We want to see businesses prioritise social value. We want to empower and work with social entrepreneurs and businesses who are dedicated to improving health and social outcomes.


Advance health innovation. Support health social enterprises. Optimise care outcomes.

We support any health innovators determined to develop, validate, commercialise or introduce their innovation to the NHS and other healthcare systems.

We support new and existing Social Enterprises to become more sustainable through new and innovative methods of income generation, help them to account for their Social Value and broker new relationships to improve health and social care outcomes for the benefit of society.

We train and educate Social Entrepreneurs to optimise their business propositions. We work with health innovators to optimise their products or services for adoption. We do this to improve health and social care outcomes.